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M2i’s Learning Management System can automate your learning environment, reducing costs, improving learning outcomes and enabling objective tracking of performances and results.

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Scope of M2i Training Usage

M2i’s Learning Management System (LMS) is a highly adaptive and versatile learning solution that can be utilized in a variety of training scenarios.

Staff training

Design induction, refresher and other trainings and deploy content to staff across hierarchy and geography in multiple languages.

Certification programs

LMS has features like badges and certificates which can be automatically issued upon reaching defined milestones

Grassroot training

Train community at the grassroots and track learning through the LMS at a fraction of the cost and time

Online Tests & Surveys

AI backed facial recognition system allows for undertaking tests with high level of integrity

Key Features

M2i Training: a powerhouse of features

M2i’s LMS is loaded with advanced features that give you the flexibility, control and above all the confidence in your execution.

AI Based quiz Integrity

Facial recognition system takes images during quiz and compares with the profile picture; can disqualify automatically upon failure to recognize.

Badges and Certificate

Based on achievements milestones, system can automatically issue badges and certificates

Language capability

Allows course deployment in multiple languages. User at front-end can choose the language for training.

Flexible course configuration

Course can be structured into Modules, Units and topics

Quizzes and surveys

LMS allows multiple question types, pass mark settings, randomisation of questions across users and auto resubmission upon failing a test

Reports and dashboards

Track progress on real-time basis through various types of reports and dashboards

Variety of Content type

E-books (PDFs), Videos, Texts, URLs, Games

Notifications and tickets

Push notifications, Pop-ups, Tickets

API integration

Integrate the LMS with HRMS or other software through APIs

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Benefit from lower costs, high scales and objective performance tracking

LMS helps in lowering training delivery costs

It allows faster turnaround, easier scale-up and faster deployment of training content

Helps in objective assessment of trainee performances through real-time reports and dashboards

Overall enhanced efficiency, lower costs and higher effectiveness


M2i Advantage: M2i has core domain expertise

M2i has over 15 years of experience in training content development and delivery of online and physical trainings.


Professionals trained


Training deliveries


LMS deployments


Developed several online learning games


Developed content for Microfinance, FPOs, Microenterprises, Financial literacy

Use Cases

Use Cases

See how organizations are using M2i’s LMS Platform in varied scenarios

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Sa-dhan Certification program

Sa-Dhan is running a 3 – level certification program for Microfinance Professionals using M2i’s LMS platform.

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CSR: Northern Arc Certification program

Northern Arc Foundation runs a training program under CSR for various MFIs frontline staff using M2i’s LMS. The training reaches to close to 20,000 staff across 20 states, with course deployed in 10 languages

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Grassroot training: Annapurna

Annapurna with support from Northern Arc runs financial literacy program using M2i’s LMS. The content is directly deployed in regional languages to the women beneficiaries at the grassroots and the progress is tracked through objective indicators.

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Staff training

Several MFIs use M2i’s LMS platform for training of their staff in multiple courses in several languages. They conduct induction and refresher programs; conduct staff surveys and use it to communicate policies, management messages etc.

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