Digitise your Audit & Risk Management Functions

The Audit and Risk Management software application from M2i can digitise majority of important activities in the Audit and Risk Management functions such as planning, scheduling, risk grading, reporting and compliance. This will result in higher efficiency and greater accountability.

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Scope of M2i’s Audit & Risk Management application

M2i’s software application can digitise variety of activities in the audit and risk management functions

Internal Audit

Fraud Investigation

Risk control & self assessment

Supervisory Monitoring

KRI Monitoring

Loss data tracking


Enhance effectiveness & efficiency of your control functions

Digitisation aims to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of audit and risk management functions.

Get organisation wide overview of the status of risks, controls and compliances

Centrally plan, track and review audits and risk management activities

Enhance efficiency & transition to completely paperless operations

Ensure compliance with rules, policies and regulations

Get detailed reports on business units and risk indicators

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Key Features

The features that make M2i's Audit & Risk Management application unique

Repository of risk indicators & checklists

Repository allows you to quickly configure and deploy a mission and track performance on Risk Indicators through multiple activities.

API integration with ERP solutions

For seamless access to organization wide data which could be used for audit and risk management activities.

Plan and schedule audits and monitoring visits

Centralised planning and scheduling helps in better communication and allocation of resources.

Suitable for all industries

The application can be used with minimal customisation in all the industries

Scalable SAAS Solution

Application is hosted on a secure cloud server. One can start small and scale up as the operations grow

Automated scoring and risk grading

Benchmark performance of various units through automated scoring and risk grading

Realtime tracking of audit activities

Supervisors can monitor the the audit activities on a realtime basis for better supervision and control

Hierarchy of indicators and checklists

The application facilitates creation of hierarchy of indicators and checklists enabling designing of complex audit and risk management activities

Compliance Loop

Compliance loop ensures accountability by ensuring that observations are acted upon diligently

Reports and Dashboards

Detailed and summary reports are available for analysis and decision-making


M2i Advantages

M2i has been providing advisory, training, analytics and technology related services since 2006. Over the past 16 years, we have performed over 500 assignments and have served clients in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Australia.

Audit & Risk Management

M2i has significant experience of advising institutions in establishing comprehensive Risk Management and Audit Frameworks for improving overall institutional effectiveness.

Domain Expertise

We have domain expertise in a number of industries including banking and finance, micro enterprises, CSR and farmer collectives

Advisory and tranings

M2i has advised institutions in variety of aspects including risk management, ESG, process optimisation, equity valuation, market research and impact assessment research

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